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My Services

Custom plans. Flexible implementation.  Remote or face-to-face.

*Note: these are my prices for low to moderate income individuals.  Please contact me for a quote for high net worth services. 

**Providing there is space in my client roster, I always provide pro bono services to those experiencing financial abuse.  You don't have to stay just for money--there is always a way.  Let me help you find it.

Document with Pen
$50 per month

Ongoing Support

Budgeting has the greatest impact when done consistently over a long period of time; because of this I suggest a minimum of six consecutive months of working with me. With this service, I will help you get set up with online budgeting software from In the beginning of every month we will meet (due to COVID-19, only via Zoom at this time) to map out the best financial plan for that specific month. Over the course of our time we will also work on setting and accomplishing short and long-term goals. Most clients are confident and excited to continue on their own after six-twelve months. 


One-Time Service

This is a deep dive into your whole financial picture.  We will put together a generalized budget to get an idea of what your disposable income looks like and how we can use it to achieve your goals.  Together we will set goals for saving, debt repayment, and more.  We will put together a plan-of-action that is easy to understand. Next, you will take the roadmap we put together and implement it in whatever way works best for you and your family.  This service comes with a written analysis including recommended next steps. 

Wine About Budgeting

It's simple.  As a special perk for local clients, when you hire me for one of the above services, I bring wine to your house when I help you budget.  

Two Wine Cups
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