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Thrift store haul!

Drew and the girls were out of town last week, and though most of the time was spent working (tis the season for accountants...) and cleaning (it was rough), I was able to squeeze in about 3 hours of thrift store shopping right before they came back. I had a blast, although I'm not sure that would have been apparent to anyone around me, ha! I looked pretty intense. I made sure to dress in the most mobile clothes, had a hands free purse, didn't wear make-up so that nothing would smudge as I turbo speed tried everything on, and kept snacks on hand; overall it felt like preparing for a race.

I bought a few things other than clothing, such as a new yoga mat, weights, nail polish, and some crafts to do with the girls, but for the most part I focused on my wardrobe.

I did the math, and I got $2,143 worth of quality merchandise in great condition for $191.25.

For more information on my philosophy regarding shopping for clothing, see my previous post For those of you who are just interested in the goods, here are a few of my favorite finds. Enjoy!

$3 Banana Republic wide-leg clam diggers

$6 Italian leather handbag

$5 Red wedges

$2.50 Embroidered top

$0.50 Floral inlay earrings

$6 Effie's Heart dress

$2.50 Wooden necklace

$3 Aerosoles leather sandals

$8 Linen off white dress

$1.50-$2 each for jewelry

$3 Leather shoes

$2.50 Floral top

$5 J Crew cardigan

$3 D Jeans

$3 Floral dress with cut out

$4 Black boots

$3 Marella Chambray top (new around $150!)

$2 Necklace

$2.50 Boden navy pants

$5 Michael Kors pants

$5 New J Crew shirt

$1.50 Wooden bracelet

$2 Earrings

$3 Leather shoes

$8 Tree tunic

$3 Danskin pants

$2.50 Bald eagle tassel earrings

$3 Marella top

$3 Ralph Lauren jean skirt

$2 Old Navy flats

$2.50 Danskin leggings

$3 PINK Victoria's Secret top

$3 Danskin top

$6 hind running jacket

$3 H & M sweater

$3.50 Dalia pants

$5 Talbots vest

$3 J Crew shirt

$2 Necklace

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Thanks tree-mommy! Wish you had been with me!


Love them all! Wish I had been with you! You have such a good eye for fashion as well as layout and photo shoot of your finds!! Little bit jealous! 😉

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