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Don't wait until you make more money

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

The great fallacy: making more money will solve all of my financial problems.

More income certainly means that you have more options, but it does NOT mean that you have stability, freedom, or happiness.

I have known many people who were making more than 10x what Drew and I were making who felt more afraid, less in control, were drowning in debt, and truly felt lost when it came to understanding their finances.

Think of it this way -- “The only reason my house is messy is because _______ (fill in the blank; too small, not enough closets, too big, too many closets). If I could have _______ then my house wouldn’t be messy anymore.” The truth is there are complicating factors that make it difficult to keep a particular space clean, but if you don’t proactively develop the habits to keep it clean on a small scale, it is even more unlikely that you will be able to on a large scale.

Similarly, working hard to develop good money habits at whatever stage you are in is vital. Then if and when you are making more money, you will have a great foundation to build on.

Doing this requires time. Effort. Creativity. Teamwork (if you have a partner that you are working with). But for those of you up for the challenge, surviving the labyrinth of finance in modern America is not only possible, but actually enjoyable.

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