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I'm Julianna, a budget consultant. I reside in New Hampshire with my husband Drew and our three children. I specialize in helping all kinds of people meet their financial goals by cultivating and maximizing the primary tool they need -- disposable income. 

When we were dating, Drew and I did our first "budget" on a napkin at an old diner called "Sandy's" in Columbia, SC. Drew was working a part-time job at a farm and was quite literally eating his profits on the way to and from work. Since then, we have worked hard over the last 12 years to get a good system in place for ourselves, and we have seen first hand how impactful it can be. We have gone through times that would have bankrupted many people (hello, surprise third baby!) but because we had worked so hard for so many years to create a stable foundation, we were able to make it through relatively unscathed. 

My work as a consultant began organically. First I worked with family and friends for free after they shared their own budgeting difficulties with me. Now I work with clients from many different backgrounds and walks of life. 

Why Budgeting?

Have you ever been told to do something and not given any tools or instructions on how to make that happen? What a helpless feeling. 

Our society has a huge gap in its financial services industry.  We have CPAs and other accountants for bookkeeping and tax preparation/advice.  We have financial advisors for investments and retirement planning.  But who do we go to for help in figuring out practically how to make any of this happen? There is no part of the field dedicated to this.  

We are told to save money for emergencies, invest in a varied portfolio, save for retirement, save for our kids' colleges and weddings. Unfortunately, knowing the "right" things to do does not always get us any closer to actually doing them. Most of us struggle with having the tools to make it happen. 

How Does it Work? 

A budget is just an estimate for income and expenses during a set period of time. For my work with my clients, it's a conscious decision for where you want your money to go.  

Most people hear the term "budget" and they think restriction.  On the contrary, it is freedom.  You can choose the lifestyle you want (emphasis on choose).   

If you aren't setting a budget, I guarantee that you are either over or underspending. 

  1. Overspending: This is the most well-known to most of us. Maybe you know you don't have the money but you choose to spend anyway knowing that you will have to deal with the consequences later.  Maybe you don't know whether you have the money or not and are just covering your eyes, swiping your card, and hoping for the best. 

  2. Underspending: There is an opportunity cost for funds that are just sitting in your account. For example, $100 that would have just floated around in your account or been piddled away could have been used to pay down debt. Even a "small" amount like that saves you in interest you would have paid and helps improve your credit score. 

  3. Unable to spend: there is a third camp (we've been there...) where you have an understanding of your money, but you hardly have enough of it to meet your basic needs, much less reach goals that seem completely unattainable. 

Budgeting is the tool that will help you solve all 3 of these situations. 

If you want to know more about how to be strategic with your specific situation, see my services page, and reach out anytime. I can't wait to work with you!



"Using JD Financial's services, I have been able to pay down debt and save for the first time in my life.  I used to overdraft on a regular basis.  Now I don't feel afraid to look in my account because I already know what is there. She even set up a calendar for me that shows when my bills are due. I have a lot of goals I am working toward, but I feel really hopeful that I will able to keep this trajectory. I finally feel like I have some control over my own financial future." 

Ben W.

"Working with Julianna for financial coaching to improve my financial fitness has been similar to working with a personal trainer for physical fitness.  I've greatly benefited from the monthly accountability to develop a budget for each upcoming month and track my spending.  Doing so has allowed me to save for a down payment to buy a home, as well as plan and prioritize my spending. I've also appreciated Julianna's non-judmental approach along the way, as discussing financial questions and debt can feel quite vulnerable. Having a financial plan and accountability to turn good intentions into action significantly reduces stress that unplanned spending and debt can cause." 

Rahel C.

"Budgeting has always been a terrifying task for me that has brought feelings of discouragement and shame. I would much rather ignore my bank account and keep my fingers crossed that I don't run out of money. And as much as I don't want to face my own issues, I would have rather died than let someone else bear witness to my irresponsible spending habits. However, after buying a house, a car, and accruing three credit cards worth of debt, I knew that I needed professional help. Asking Julianna for help was the best decision I have ever made. Julianna is beyond professional. No matter how embarrassing my reckless spending habits are, I have never felt judged. She constantly encourages and reassures me all while setting realistic goals. Julianna has given me the tools and support to regain control of my finances. I can not say enough good things about Julianna's services. Make the right choice for your life, and use JD Financial." 

Betsy S.

"Julianna helped me and my wife organize our finances. Beforehand, it seemed so overwhelming to think about creating and following a budget, but she helps you through every step of the way.  She is so knowledgeable but is able to put concepts into words that are easy to understand. She is kind and doesn't make you feel judged for unwise choices you've made with money!  Lastly, she is creative in helping come up with ways to save money. I would definitely recommend her services to someone who is looking for one-time or long term financial advice!"

Daniel C.

"I worked with Julianna a year ago because I was feeling overwhelmed with my financial situation. I was in debt and stressed, and needed help figuring out a solution.  I can't begin to express how much better I felt after our initial meeting. She helped me come up with a plan with short term and long term goals and organized everything on paper in a way that I would understand. Her positivity and encouragement was just what I needed to get me on the right track. We just had our one year followup meeting and I have accomplished every goal that we had set together last year. I no longer feel like I am just keeping my head above water financially, and I am working on my long term goals that make me feel better about my future. I highly recommend Julianna, helping people with their finances is clearly her passion. I am so happy that I have her as a resource when it comes to feeling less overwhelmed and more empowered on my financial journey."

Amanda F. 

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